As a network operator and creator of digital experiences in 27 countries and for 264 million customers, everything Orange does is in line with its Human Inside philosophy. 

Human beings as the starting and finishing point

We are optimists. We believe that the 4th industrial revolution will give rise to a new economic renaissance and era of prosperity but only under certain conditions: with people, society and the environment at its heart. That’s why we’ve forged a conviction in the form of a commitment: human beings as the starting and finishing point for all of our activities.

Above all, we’re aware of our responsibility in the face of major social issues

In a world that has been deeply transformed by digital technology, we all play a major role in this new society, both as citizens and institutions. Wherever we are, we’re committed to creating the right conditions for a digital society that can harness the power of technology to improve the way we “live together”. Our philosophy guides us in everything we do to ensure that everyone can easily use and know how to make the most of digital.

We want to offer real progress for people, citizens, our employees and our customers through three innovation worlds:

  • developing all of our potential: today, thanks to the power of digital technology, we are finding new ways to satisfy our quests for knowledge, experiences and wellbeing,
  • building a smarter, more responsible, more open society: business, work, family, citizenship, education and culture... technological changes strengthen our desire to remodel our societies around more open, transparent and collaborative organizations,
  • contributing to a better-connected and better-balanced planet: a digital planet is developing before our eyes, bringing with it smart, expansive and global connectivity. This enhanced planet offers a wealth of possibilities: more links, greater fluidity, increased anticipation and improved efficiency.


Stéphane Richard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
At Orange, our philosophy is that innovation can only become progress when we use it to serve humankind... Innovation is the product of people, both men and women, and of their expertise, creativity, and emotion. They each have a story, ethical convictions, and a vision for the future.
Stéphane Richard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Orange’s ambition is to be a key, supportive player in all our lives, by focusing on the things that are most important to each individual. Our strategy proves its value in the context of this powerful commitment.